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About the Agra-GPS John Deere Bridge

The Agra-GPS solves problems that have been troubling farm businesses ever since GPS and yield monitors were invented. We have developed a system called the Agra-GPS John Deere Bridge which converts information from most tractor, combine and forager brands so that it can to talk to John Deere’s guidance system and screen.


To give an example, it allows you to run a JD screen and receiver in your Claas combine to make use of existing boundary and AB-line information, provide autosteer, and collect/display yield data that can be sent straight into field records.


Agra-GPS Features:

  • Allows users to run a John Deere screen in the tractor, combine or forager cab

  • Translates autosteer guidance and yield information into JD's computer language

  • Easy Plug & Play installation

  • John Deere AutoTrac Integration for many autosteer ready Non-John Deere machines

  • Use of the machine-side steering pre-installation (valve, sensors etc.)

  • ISOBUS compatibility and functionality

  • Yield and moisture mapping

  • Supports John Deere 1800, 2600, 2630 and 4640 Displays

  • Supports Starfire Receivers (SF3000, SF6000)

  • All JD correction signals (SF1, SF2, SF3, RTK)

  • Machine-Sync and iGuide compatible

  • European Certification (ECE)

  • Dedicated Technical Support in Australia

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Agra-GPS Bridges Available

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